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Night Walk of a Reclusive Introvert

The after Dinner evening began with a glance out the window where we observed the warm ambient of a beautiful sunset, and a quick Dash to a local footbridge to see what I could capture... A Sunset in True @AmethystEl1980 Style! (No editing - all in camera action, with the obvious exceptions of presentation)

The evening proceeded on my return with One of our Impetuous evening walks, no where special, just to the local supermarket, husband & youngest in tow... well to be honest It was more my self and camera tagging along! First time outside college evening courses that I decided enough was enough and took my tripod! I really must do this more often, there is a huge list of slow shutter photography I've been yearning to try. Yet my foolish Reclusive Introvert nature has been spawning nervousness about the idea of attracting attention to myself! I will endeavor to ignore that nervous inner voice, as expected I enjoyed the photographic opportunity quite profoundly. Even when we quickly discovered that a tripod & camera on a foot bridge gave the illusion of a speed camera to the passing traffic!

On our way home I noticed how a street light was lighting the still bare branches of a tree creating a mild harrowing effect I attempted to capture..

Photographic adventures always leave me feeling refuelled & refreshed, ready to tackle what society may throw my way during my socially reclusive avoidance adventures of the mundane motherly tasks such as the foreboding school runs! Simplicity of Life

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