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Photography Moments & Beginnings of the Dream..

*** I have been Finding myself kicking my Stubborn rear end for being scared to try New & Complicated things! In the last few Months since my Second Evening course in November, I've discovered that Photoshop is not that awful complicated dreaded photography software, In fact once I began to use it more I found the knowledge from my evening course in 2011 coming back to me, gained the confidence to teach myself how to do new things through the "Google" searches, the more I worked with it the more familiar it became! *** You'd think I would at that point learn to push past that fear of the unknown, but nope... through out my 2nd Evening course the couple occasions we were in the Studio I was petrified of all this Expensive Technical Equipment, shying away from getting up and doing instead allowing others to take the lead and set up the equipment, having zero confidence in the studio.. even a light meter induced thoughts of 'argh what do I do, I'm gonna make a fool of myself, why wont the information sink in, how will I manage full time College' I still battled on Timidly! *** After applying for a third ten week course in Camera Techniques & it being cancelled but being offered a place in "Studio Photography" I thought again of my fear and nervousness, but decided that was probably the best reason to accept the offer! Third week in and once again things are falling into place, the knowledge is sinking in, the brain is working, its remembering & I'm gaining confidence! Don't get me wrong I don't think I will ever be 100% confident, but seeing & feeling my knowledge improving and becoming more familiar with the equipment in the Studio, I can remind myself from experience that the scary unknowns like Photographing in Manual, learning Camera Settings, Photoshop & the high tech studio equipment are only scary because they are unknown and with familiarity you wonder what the devil the fuss was!

*** Not all Photographic moments of a Parent are those Cliche Moments of Cheeky Smiles & Mischievous Eyes! Even during tackling the Social awkwardness whilst attending my Youngest Daughters Daffodil Tea to captured those special Memories on camera just like every Parent, I still find a Photographic Moment just before demolishing a Cup Cake!

*** The College Interview was a proven success, despite my Nerves & fear of failure! I received an email yesterday giving me a "Definite Offer" in my chosen NC Photography Course & I immediately accepted! So the Photography Dream begins in September 2016!

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