Here is the truth; I do NOT fit in that silly little box idea you have of me!

Updated: Feb 6

Creativity with words or imagery comes from the raw truth of one's heart and soul.

To share creativity is to lay bare all the raw nitty-gritty truths in the deepest parts of our very being!

There is no greater honesty or integrity! Yet I live daily with the history of family members calling me a liar, manipulative, deceitful, controlling, abusive, and cruel person. When I escape toxic family, tearing me to shreds with this toxicity, I am faced with others, some drowning in their own mental health hell too much to realize how toxic and cruel they are being. How damaging it is to be regularly told you are the opposite of the decent human being you strive daily to be, fighting the toxicity so it does not corrupt your perceptions and emotions. I am not fake! What I present myself as, is what I am, faults and all! I do not need to prove myself! Those that believe their own toxic perceptions of me will need to live in that reality without me! I am not responsible for what you perceive, I strive every second of my life, to uncover my truths, share with honesty my mistakes and work doggedly to correct those mistakes. I am a truth and knowledge seeker, always open to learning, believing in doing what is right, acknowledging the mistakes made regardless of good intentions.

I am not that little box you imagine of me in your head! I exist outside your perceptions, real, human, flawed, with feelings.

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