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Its crawling from the sheets when darkness clouds your sight.
A cuppa with a friend, the everyday hero.
It's falling tears and nails carving the palm to stop a fight.
The sound of broken things echo.

The freedom of A brisk walk in any weather.
A single focus through the eye of a camera.
Reading a book hidden in the heather.
Innocent spinning giggling laughter.

A stroll through the wonders of mother nature.
Companionship, loyalty and affection of furry friends.
Running water, rocky stoned, Bare footed adventure.
Childhood fun that time transcends.

It's music, singing and dancing in the rain.
Proudly defining the weird and crazy.
Letting love simply wash away each moments pain.
Learning to redefine happy.

By El Amethyst
26th Oct 2018

The Fortitude Video Project below is a visual representation of what Fortitude is for me as an Adult Survivor of child abuse #FortitudeProject

This is the story behind the #FortitudeProject @FortitudeProjec

You all know by now I am an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, I escaped with some special friends help, along with the ex-husband I had just met and was blinded by.
My abusers lies led to a set of circumstances that put me back in contact with the mother and siblings my Abuser had encouraged me to leave to join him in London, I returned to Scotland fiance in tow to visit, the full truth revealed a weekend turned into forever. Got married.. Oops!
Became a crown witness putting my abuser (biological father) in jail.
He was Sentenced 11 years 
I separated from my husband, he was controlling and emotionally abusive.
This all before the age of 19!

I Found love in a unexpected way, was told because we were both Child abuse Survivors that we were a recipe for disaster. We survived some outrageous obstacles life and those around us threw our way (it's a crazy long unbelievable list), had 4 children together, became stronger together! 
Inbetween All that I went to court a second time as a witness against my Abuser for similar offences to another family member.

Most families have skeletons in the closet but our families combined could give Hades a run for his money!

My healing journey began with meeting my Husband and continued through sharing my story to help fellow survivors on online peer support. You can not convince others until you truly believe your own advice. I Found my love of Photography, ten years on I prepared to start College..

Only to have a cold hard slap of reality..
My eyes peeled wide open about the truths of a Narcissist family member I was blindsided by who took advantage of our sincerity. All those instinct about this Narcissist were correct.. I thought my concerns about him were because of my past.. he played me.. And got to my kids..

Founder & Photographer

~El Amethyst

My family is now just his family, his enablers! 
The weight of the psychological expectations lifted to be replaced by the guilt of all the innocent people hurt because I trusted a Narcissistic Sociopath.
But do you know what, you cannot lose something you never had!

I discovered the therapeutic power of Photography during my journey as a Student Photographer and a Volunteer at The Moira Anderson Foundation.

I began exploring this Photographic Therapy

After reporting to the police the incident involving this narcissistic sociopath and it being dropped by the Procurator fiscal, My kid went through court as disclosure Scotland's witness and the judged believed her, ruled in favor of disclosure Scotland keeping the Narcissistic Sociopath on the list to prevent him working with kids.

I successfully completed 2 years of college while trying to fight for the truth, uncover the truth and I started to write a Memoir.

Then almost 2 years to the date of my kids disclosure, an estranged family member turns up at the door with another disclosure and all the kaos and legal stuff that follows that type of disclosure!

Old wounds reopened, old fears for those innocent people around the Narcissistic Sociopath come flooding back. More torment while he walks around like the cat who's got the cream thinking he can do anything he wants and he is untouchable!

The psychological damage of being betrayed and abandoned, sting again especially when the mother posts on FB calling one daughter the enemy and the other a turn coat.. The hurt of knowing she has allowed the Narcissistic Sociopath to destroy the tiny hope of having a normal relationship with the only parent we had!

How many victims need to tell their truth in one way or another before people stop protecting the Narcissistic Sociopath and his perfect little world!
8 known people from various walks of life all victims in one form or another of his Narcissistic Sociopathic tendencies who have spoken their truth telling the same accounts of control and manipulation, in several cases worse!
Not to mention those we still don't know about!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the life that has resulted in the #FortitudeProject

People ask how I cope! I had no choice! But the video and poem shows symbolically what "Fortitude" means to me!

You can read more about my story on my blog;

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