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About the Founder


Its crawling from the sheets when darkness clouds your sight.
A cuppa with a friend, the everyday hero.
It's falling tears and nails carving the palm to stop a fight.
The sound of broken things echo.

The freedom of A brisk walk in any weather.
A single focus through the eye of a camera.
Reading a book hidden in the heather.
Innocent spinning giggling laughter.

A stroll through the wonders of mother nature.
Companionship, loyalty and affection of furry friends.
Running water, rocky stoned, Bare footed adventure.
Childhood fun that time transcends.

It's music, singing and dancing in the rain.
Proudly defining the weird and crazy.
Letting love simply wash away each moments pain.
Learning to redefine happy.

By El Amethyst
26th Oct 2018

The Fortitude Video Project

 is a visual representation

of what Fortitude is for me

as an Adult Survivor of child abuse 


Fortitude Project

Fortitude Project

Watch Now

Founder & Photographer ~El Amethyst

Who Am I? 

A survivor of abuse

A Therapeutic Photographer

(qualified photographer)

Reclusive Introvert Empath


Mum & Wife

Reading Addict

Truth Seeker

Student Sociologist

For more info see my Blog

"Beautiful is a meaning with infinite possibilities!" 
"Photography is not just a job, its a Lifestyle choice, a way of Life!"
- El Amethyst

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