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Unity of Fortitude

Collaboration of Expression

Survivor Collaborators express through Photographic Therapy facing their truths and join the Campaign of Awareness

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 "This is Me"

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Fortitude Project Aims;

The aim of the project is to use Photography as a tool to express the thoughts feelings and experiences of collaborating abuse Survivors. This could potentially consist of Portraiture, Still Life, Landscape, fine art & Reportage. My own experiences as a Survivor & a photographer put me in a unique position, to be able to understand the fundamental thoughts and feelings of my fellow Survivors, to understand therapeutic power of photography and I have the technical skill to be their tool of expression. This experience will help the communication between “photographer” myself and Survivor, which may in some situations be somewhat difficult, my own experiences will allow me to connect with the Survivor and understand their story and personal aims for the Fortitude Project without extensive details and questions, making it a more comfortable experience allowing the focus to be solely on the expressive and therapeutic aims of the project.

By the end of the Project each Survivor collaborator will walk away with not only a series of personal and expressive images that have empowered them but an introduction to creative expression which helps them connect with and process the truth of their thoughts feelings and experience. They will understand the therapeutic power of expressing through photography and potentially be able to incorporate that into their everyday self-care. Those that decide to share their visual Story online will have the knowledge that their experiences will help other survivors without a voice and become part of the visual campaign of raising awareness.

Below are PDF files with a detailed Illustrated plan & research

plus Fortitude Projects Code of Conduct

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