In times of intense Stress, beyond everyday moments, when reading failed and creativity was challenging, I always turned to music. I listened to music and soaked in the words to songs that I connected to on a deeply emotional level. Meatloaf's album Bat out of hell 2, has traveled my journey with me, his music started as my tiny hold on who I was and silent rebellion against my abuser, as I escaped and became a survivor Meatloaf's music became my strength, a reminder of the journey I traveled, that I am a survivor, not alone and I was proud of that. Music has always had an emotional connection to moments in my life. Moments recalled with ease because there was a musical connection. I could always rely on music to express my emotion even before I discovered photography. Its fitting that a Song started this Survivors journey and my mini campaign of awareness.

Martina Mcbride's song Concrete Angel (can be triggering if you watch the video below) inspired my Online presence and online peer support which later became @ATeenAngelsCry taken from the poem I wrote which "concrete Angel" also inspired!

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