Exploring Self-Expression

"Inevitably doing all this #photographictherapy #research you reach a point of further #selfevaluation 
I hate my photo taken.. I reluctantly relent to the odd photo and #sillyselfies so there is a physical record of me for my children when they need it!
But I know how therapeutic photography is! If I intend to share that with the world then perhaps I should experience that to its full extent!

My hatred of #selfportraits is perhaps something I should better understand and even challenge.

I had talked about exploring my #fortitudeproject further by doing some #selfportraits

Perhaps its time I stop talking about it and do it!"

@ateenangelscry @amethystelphotography

This is an ongoing project that will be added to!

Until recently my most explored means of self-expression including the odd "selfies" and #photosketching was those on social media such as instagram, a means to visually express my thoughts ideas & feelings. My adversity to the idea of spending real time creating a self-portrait has clouded my judgement of an untapped area of self-expression. I intend to explore this, though I have found myself procastinating due to those society induced stigmas and judgement, but I will not conform!

Below you'll see an up-to-date news feed of my self-expression on #Instagram @AmethystEl1980

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