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The digital age has brought about a world-wide evolution of phototherapy and therapeutic photography. This book provides both a foundation in phototherapy and therapeutic photography and describes the most recent developments.

Everybody needs some healthy narcissism. But in a society obsessed with appearance, wealth and status, it's easy for problematic narcissists to thrive. Many people who seem to 'have it all' are suffering from one of the most common - and overlooked - personality disorders today: high level narcissism. Typified by an obsession to with perfection, a desperate need for admiration and a willingness to use and exploit others for personal gain, high level narcissism can spell devastation for anyone who crosses the narcissist's path. In FREEING YOURSELF FROM THE NARCISSIST IN YOUR LIFE, psychotherapist Linda Martinez-Lewi presents an in-depth and supportive plan for identifying, understanding and dealing with high-level narcissistic behaviour in those close to you. Martinez-Lewi helps you to liberate yourself from draining personal relationships with narcissists and shows you how to regain a sense of peace, balance and well-being. Drawing on detailed profiles of famous narcissists, including Pablo Picasso, Frank Lloyd Wright, Armand Hammer and Ayn Rand as well as expertly rendered case studies from her private practice as a psychotherapist, Martinez-Lewi Shows how to: · Understand where narcissistic behaviour come from · Learn to spot narcissistic traits, even in the early stages of relationships · Realise why attempting to change a narcissist is fruitless · Protect yourself from the narcissist's opportunism, manipulative behaviour and lack of empathy.

I Am Free, the title of this book embodies its core message. For anyone who has the misfortune of being embroiled in a toxic love relationship or family relationship, the narratives shared by other survivors can serve as encouragement that escape is possible. None of the writers sugar coated their experiences or the degree of effort that it took to survive, leave and heal from such traumatic relationships.

Time and again, these writers shared that, charmed by their partner, they ignored their inner voices when those early alarm bells rang. Many of these individuals were well-educated, and had successful careers, until... they sank into the quicksand of toxic partnership.

These stories are brutally honest and chronicle the careful grooming process so typical of these kinds of unhealthy and damaging relationships. This makes for a challenging read and it is important that they be read as both a cautionary warning and an illuminating light so that others might escape and or avoid the perils that these stories narrate.

Sandra Brown was eight when her friend and neighbour, twelve-year-old Moira Anderson, disappeared from the small town of Coatbridge near Glasgow in 1957. Moira has never been seen since.

Twenty-seven years later, at a family funeral, Sandra's estranged father confessed to her that he had been involved in the girl's disappearance. Appalled and fascinated by his curious half confession, Sandra began to delve into the case and in so doing discovered that her father was an acknowledged child molester whose activities were known not just to everyone in Coatbridge but also to the police. The horrifying jigsaw she pieced together, along with the admission her father had made, ultimately convinced Sandra that he had indeed been responsible for Moira's disappearance nearly fifty years ago. Where There Is Evil is the remarkable story of Sandra's quest to unravel the mystery and see justice done.

'Completely gripping...Sandra Brown found evil in the person of her own father; and she confronted it as few could have done...Everyone will want to read this amazing story' Andrew O'Hagan

'Inspirational...This book is not only important but unique' Jimmy Boyle

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