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How I began attempting to Raise Awareness of Abuse;

"With-in that year or so of meeting my husband the man I wanted to be strong for, I had started creating an Abuse Survivor Group using MSN groups, I discovered that being there as an understanding ear for others with similar experiences helped me along on my path to healing and give purpose to these events, I had not only my own experiences to draw on but the experience of helping my husband through self harm & mental health struggles such as PTSD & depression. I myself struggled greatly at times until I found I could talk about my experiences with fellow survivors and also help them through their healing journey.  I found a strength in learning that in order to convince survivors that it wasn't their fault, I had to believe it about myself, in talking them through their thoughts I discovered and learned to analyse my own thoughts & feelings.
I traveled further down my path of healing!
We lost the support group when they closed MSN groups down, but the years running that helped my own healing in quite a phenomenal way.
I later found Bebo and Facebook and kept sharing my story by creating a page @aTeenAngelsCry


All this inspired by a Song by Martina Mcbride Called Concrete Angel"
"I became an open book, I've always talked, so talking about my past though the memories are hard, I welcome the chance to talk, because each chance I'm given to talk, to use my past to give me strength and help others or to show others that I can understand, the easier it is for me to live with it. I went from a scared wee girl too afraid to talk to an open booked woman that every one wishes would just shut up even for a few minutes LOL


Find the strength with in you and you will survive anything life throws at you, turn your negative emotions into something good."
"There is more to this story, but it is not all my story to tell and is still very recent & raw.


Narcissists live among us smiling, loving, caring functional members of society.
But its a mask! Even I, a Survivor who knew the signs, was fooled!
I became a survivor learnt to try and help others.. Had a family and battled supporting my hubby with his mental health struggles..
I Found a love of Photography and prepared to start College..
Only to have a cold hard slap of reality..
My eyes peeled wide open about the truths of a Narcissist who took advantage of our sincerity..
The thing I was scared of most came too close to reality!
 All those instinct about this Narcissist were correct.. I thought my concerns about him were because of my past.. The narc played me.. And got to my kids..
My family is now just his family, his enablers!
But do you know what, you can not loose something you never had!
I was once told by my mother that I need them, that they are all I have got!


We are free now. Life has been turned upside down.. But I still have my Hubby and Kids!


We will survive & Thrive!


I've learnt so much in the last few months of 2016, read books and psychology reports, listened to all the truths of the Narcs past he hid and twisted to make himself the victim.


See My Book List

Our Eyes are wide open. We fight the long fight! We uncover the hidden truths!

Now We are in Therapy to learn to deal with people who should be in Therapy!

 We are afraid! For those slipping through the cracks, hidden in plain sight!

We Know the Truth..
We want Awareness for all Abuse Including The Psychological war fare these Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths wreak on their victims."
Despite recent events, I stayed at college, learnt allot about myself and photography, when the opportunity arouse, I used my photography to express our thoughts and feelings as survivors!
In the hope of helping other Survivors & Raising awareness while discovering and showing the therapy of photographic expression.
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