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Building Confidence in "People" Photography

As a Reclusive Introvert, I find social situations awkward. I use a hat as a security blanket when I venture outside the security of my home! No matter how hard I try on the outside, that awkwardness inside never seems to go. I like the idea of capturing the unique perspectives of people, not just your traditional Portrait Photography. But things like photographing street life & events require a certain type of social confidence I seem to lack. Stuttering through communication, nervous clumsiness, total brain freeze are among the embarrassing scenarios I face when Photographing in a social situation. Hours of cringing at the memories of my fumbles only eased by the pleasure of getting that "okay" photograph! (I say okay, because even my favourite photographs I have a mixture of pride & disappointment, knowing that every shot could have been better or perhaps were more luck than skill) I Recently had the opportunity to be the Photographer at a Trainee Restaurant event called Panasia. I spent the evening in a swirl of amazed observation of human interaction, balancing discreet photography and stealing the "ideal" shots as they unfold before me. Awkwardly aware of the need to respect the clients privacy whilst consuming food. Choosing to let a shot go for fear of becoming too intimidating behind the Camera, aware of that age old etiquette of watching others eat especially whilst not eating yourself. Talk about being thrown into the most awkward of awkward social situations! My hat off to the professional photographers out there doing this on a day to day basis! The combination of sheer admiration at how people interact with one another with such ease and the horror of realizing just how alien I feel among them dominated my evening! It was an experience, I did enjoy observing the evening and the Trainee Managers appreciated the Photography I produced despite the event being one huge learning curve of camera techniques.

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