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Unique Perspective of a Family Walk

As a wife & mum, my hard drive is crammed full of 18 years of mundane memories that only immediate family would be remotely interested in! The Cliche of Photography! On Mothering Sunday, I decided to kill several birds with one stone, visit my mother, take the dog out on a long walk, have a family day out, those rare moments that all 6 of the household members actually interact with each other, often under protest of the two teenagers who's lives are overwhelmed by technology and its modernized effect on peer pressure! So we trekked the hour long walk through the local "wildlife" and of course I decided that it would be a waste to not take advantage of that walk by bringing my DSLR along too! Despite the complaints that it took twice as long awaiting my photography pit stops, it was a good day! I wanted to show the eccentric nature of my photography in the Cliché moments of a Family Walk!

I believe every Parent in our Modern world can associate with this representation of "A Modern Teen's Nature Walk

I Also have a fascination with using Depth of field to express my eccentric nature...

Finding interest in the most obscure or simplest of subjects, prepared to get down in the freezing marsh or peat lands of our local terrain just to change the perspective of the subject..

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