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Just a College Interview...

While most of my peers were finishing College & preparing for their Dreaded A-Levels I disappeared after what was meant to be a long weekend 'up north' to reacquaint with my siblings and Mother. Long story short I am an Abuse Survivor, I never returned to complete my A-Levels where I resided in the outskirts of London. Instead I escaped, got married, battled a court case, got divorced, met my husband had three children, in 2005 I rediscovered myself & discovered a passion for photography, a year later braved a second court case, the following decade we pulled the family through a handful of difficult times, I had planned to attend college when all my children went to school in 2010, but it was put on hold another few years for child number four. Ten years of planning, Ten years for this reclusive introvert to build up nerves of the day finally arriving... Ten years of anticipation, doubt, nerves, overthinking, excitement, determination & fear of failure. The knowledge that in order to enter the world of the working class and survive the daily challenges I face, I had to find a career that was not just a job, but a passion, a journey, a hobby & a way of life... Finally luck was on my side when my passion of photography creeped upon me! I felt like it was my calling and I put all my hopes and dreams into it, no back up plan if I fail... failure not an option, the only direction I could imagine traveling forward, the only choice that is fundamentally me! Photography is a part of who I am as a person, I am most relaxed and confident behind the camera. Its not just a hobby or passion, Its the way I perceive the world, Its the bravado to adventure into society, Its my calming place, my escape, its my confidence, my equilibrium & my future! In just a few small days is my first official step on that path.. Just a College Interview.... 18 years after leaving full time education... A lifetime ago! As melodramatic as it may sound I am reminded of the term "Judgement Day" in the film Terminator.

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