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Vehicles in Motion

I had quite an eventful Sunday Morning! Set of into Glasgow to see the annual "Bikers Easter Egg Run" for Glasgow's Childrens Hospital Charity! We decided after examining the route that the most scenic location would be the famous "Squinty Bridge" Armed with the research from 'googling' some rough guidelines on how to photograph moving object's. On the walk along the Riverside I stole a few interesting shots.

Slightly Apprehensive about the success, I practiced photographing a few unsuspecting Bikers on their way to Glasgow Green to meet before setting of together!

It was worth the wait! The atmosphere and cheer was amazing! It was very humbling! The Numbers where fantastic! I do believe my Son has an 8 minute video of the whole parade of bikes crossing the bridge, which will give you an idea of their numbers!

I promised my Husband that next year we will go straight to the Hospital and watch them arrive so he gets a chance to properly interact with the Bikers and admire their bikes. We did try to follow them there, but got half way on foot and realised we wouldn't make it before they disbanded! But a lovely day nonetheless! On our walk back to grab the train home, It poured down but even that proved a photographic moment!

Keep an eye on the CHEER website for details of next years Run! The Charity is Always needing your support folks.. Pop over to their website My Utmost respect to all involved... I will be back next year to Photograph and support again!!

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