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A Make-up Artistry Photo Shoot

Through a mutual contact, I was put in touch with a student MUA looking for a photographer for her Graded unit. We did three themed Photo shoot's.

Beauty - 17th April 2016 Death 23rd April 2016 Fire - 24th April 2016

The models and Make-Up Artist were lovely to work with.

It was a huge Learning curve for me, a whole new experience.

Throwing around ideas and thoughts on positioning and scenery for each shoot,

learning what worked and what didn't.

I was extremely worried about getting the right shots that represented her work well enough.

Below are a few Examples from the Photo Shoots, the Photos are a personal favorite from Each day and do not necessarily do the make-up justice.

Allot of experience was gained about different lighting conditions affecting each style differently, from the various natural light outside, indoor lights, static lighting & hot shoe flash lighting.

The Location & People were an absolute pleasure to work with.

For me it was the first time I had done a Photo shoot like this. It was definitely well out of my comfort zone, yet despite my awkwardness & nerves it was a positive and memorable experience.

Thank You Ladies!

(I am happy to say that Kay passed her Graded Unit)

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