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The End Of Studio Photography Evening Course

I learnt so Much in the Two Evening Courses over the past year (2015/16) Thanks to an Amazing Tutor who not only Taught me alot but encouraged me to have confidence in my own photography & gave me invaluable advice throughout my College Application / Interview & Portfolio for NC Photography. I Tried loads of new & scary things, including gaining confidence with both working on my own & with other people, in doing so I met some lovely like minded people who we Shared Ideas, Experiences & Advice with.

This Photograph is the End Result of a Photography session with my toy Yoda taken into college, my Aim was to do something different with the product than the traditional high Key advertising photography you often see, to make him look more interesting.

Another Still Life, the Aim to "Make it look Delicious"

During the Last week I bought my children into college over a 2 week period, People think that Photography looks like easy work, It is not! Ask any photographer, children are exhausting to photograph, your own children you would think would be easier since they are quite use to being photographed, on the contrary, that makes it harder. After the 1st year of being an Amateur Photographer my children grew bored and annoyed at having the camera pointed at them All the time... Years Later... queue the bribery!!

(The watermarking is a necessary evil)

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