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The Cliche of a Family Summer

Our Summer break started of with to most may seem like a standard holiday, but for us was a once in a lifetime experience. To Blackpool, yes don't judge, our first holiday was in 2010 and was a mere 45mins away at our local coast, that was huge! This years holiday was for us like others may go to Disneyland. To us Disneyland is an unattainable fantasy. But we had a fantastic week away.

Yes I also got those cliché Blackpool shots...

Some Cliché sights at unusual angles.

Of course we visited Blackpool Tower though only half of us went up the actual tower.

Of course The Comedy Carpet, saying that we didn't know it existed until we planned our holiday.

We visited Blackpool Zoo & had the pleasure of walking though an Amazonian enclosure with these cheeky little monkeys!

The Pleasure Beach was of course on our list, as it seems, it was Olly Murs!

Of course we enjoyed some lovely country walks too and from Marton Mere.

The highlight of I week would seem to be unanimously agreed upon, that happens on occasion....

The Tower Circus!

There was much more, but I guess you get the picture.


After a weeks recovery from a very busy and exciting holiday we had My Cousin visiting Scotland for the first time.

Yes you guessed it, more photographic opportunity whilst taking her sight seeing!!

Stirling Castle was a must, you can not visit Scotland without seeing at least one of the famous castles!

Our very own Birds of Prey Centre was on our list, despite being only five minutes away it was our first visit. Beautiful Birds!

If you are ever in the area I'd highly recommend visiting

At my Cousins Request we spent the Day at Edinburgh Zoo

My 5th visit to the zoo and a Dare say not my last, it is one of those Annual day trips families take, well we do.

At some point on another journey to the various daytrips out, I entertained myself by downloading these three Zoo Photos I took on my DSLR and using a simple phone photo software created this affect using a slightly bigger version of the collage as an overlay and adding the Zoo's symbol.

We managed to get a couple of those unusually Summery Days, but the Day we visited the Glasgow Museums was 100% typical of Scotland


The Rest of our holiday was spent doing fairly Mundane Family things, those simple pleasures like watching a movie together, reading in the garden whilst the weather remained pleasant. Preparing the youngest for her first day of school & preparing myself for my NC Photography course.

With the occasional walk and local day trip.

We did finally get to see our local infamous metal artist work called Arria!

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