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Scottish International Air Show 2017

This was my first trip to an Air show and needless to say my first real opportunity to Photograph Aircraft.

I am not Quite happy with the quality my low budget zoom lens produces nor the fact that my camera focus temporarily malfunctioned half way through the Day which I can only presume was down to the camera getting just a tad soaked, but after a little faffing about it decided to play nice again.

I really loved the show, enjoyed taking the photographs despite my inexperience... and admittedly had a little fun in post production on some photos! :)

Watching the Coastguard Display Exercise was Extraordinary, it is a real humbling Experience seeing what they are capable of doing!

The Parachute Display by the RAF Falcons was no less fascinating.

Who could forget the majestic Roar of the RAF Typhoon

We only attended the 2nd Day & it was jammed packed full of wonderful display routines.

Here are Just a few

Of course Last but not least, the Stars of the Show, The Red Arrows. Well worth waiting out our formidable Scottish weather for!

The Crowds were out in there numbers Braving the weather like true Fans!

Next years Display will definitely be going down in our calendar, by which time if all goes to plan I'll have passed NC Photography and be about to start my 1st year HND Photography course! Hoping that they have another display of pyrotechnics and fireworks next years as I'm quite gutted we missed it this year!

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