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An Eventful Week...

My third trip South to visit my family was much more than the usual holiday.

It was an exploration of old and new memories, it was escapism, educational, character building, bonding, spiritual, expressive, exploration in general and of truth and spirit. It was an emersion of memories and a reminder of the good that exists in life.

I returned feeling positive!

#MakingMemories as cheesy as that sounds! It was important and needed!

The Exhibition..

It was lovely being surrounded by such amazing photography talent, soaking up and admiring the creativity! It was particularily awesome seeing my cousins work on display, her subject our Nanna. An amazing woman whom my Cousin represented beautifully in her Photography.

As I was admiring the work at this exhibition in Brick Lane, London, I spotted a familiar face, a lecturer from my very own college admiring my cousins work. I introduced my cousin to the Lecturer and found out that the BAhons students from my college were exhibiting there as well. So I was pleased to get a chance to see their work.

Botany Bay..

We spent the day exploring the coast of Botany bay with my two Cousins. A lovely walk along the beach and rock pools, a pretty damn awesome exploration of some caves and cliff crevices, an amazing coastal pub lunch with another great beach walk and beautiful sights, followed finally by a long awaited yet an extremely soul refeuling swim in the sea, the best kind of moments for a creative empath introvert!

It was an amazing day with the Cousins, a favorite memory!

With in that week, I had a lovely catchup lunch with a treasured friend. I spent a lovely morning in my Aunt and Uncles garden chatting with my Uncle about Gardening and my desire to have a natural garden, got allot of encouraging advice and support. Had a lovely dinner with my Aunt and Cousins, enjoying thier unconditional love and acceptence. Spent a rejuvenating day at the coast. Visited my Nanna and spent a couple days just enjoying her company and listening to her stories. Had an unplanned adventure in a boat along the river. Had a lovely cuppa with a lovely school friend whom I hadnt seen in 20 years. Spent dinner, an evening, morning and lunch with a great friend mending bridges others had tried to burn.

Feeling lucky to have moments with family and friends that are positive, encouraging and memorable!

I even had a chance to revisit old childhood memories from this new perspective, it was quite liberating to see the old in a new way!

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