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El’s Story - A Child abuse Survivor Written by El Amethyst

El’s Story is a life journey of survival. A Child Abuse Survivor’s account of her nitty-gritty world, spanning childhood to adulthood. Journey with her as she doggedly shares the “harrowing” story that is her life, whilst never losing faith in Truth and Love.

To all fellow Survivors, You Are a Survivor, Therefore You are Stronger Than You will ever know. The key is knowing where your strength comes from and learning how to tap into that strength when you need it. Everyone is different and everyone has their own special source of strength! We all have our own demons to battle, our own struggles to pull through & our own mountains to climb! Do not diminish your worth by comparing yourself to others, it is our differences that make us unique and beautiful!!

This memoir comes with a **Trigger Warning** especially to anyone who has suffered trauma.


Chapter One; Family Legacy
Chapter Two; Childhood Mischief & Adventure
Chapter Three; Wee Scottish Hame
Chapter Four; A Teen-Angels Cry - Part One
A Teen-Angels Cry - Part Two

Chapter Five; Breaking the spell - Part One

Breaking the spell - Part Two

Chapter Six; A Sassenach’s Nash

Chapter Seven; The Gallus Glaswegian

Chapter Eight; New Life, Motherhood - Part One

New Life, Motherhood - Part Two

Chapter Nine; The Transition.. - Part One

The Transition... - Part Two

The Transition... - Part Three

Chapter Ten; Back to the Basics - Part One

Back to the Basics - Part Two

Chapter Eleven; Tides of change and discovery - Part One

Tides of change and discovery - Part Two

Chapter Twelve; Life backfired - Part One

Life backfired - Part Two

Chapter Thirteen; Roots of Wreckage & Carnage - Part One

Roots of Wreckage & Carnage - Part Two

Roots of Wreckage & Carnage - Part Three

Chapter Fourteen; Cognizance - Part One

Cognizance - Part Two

Cognizance - Part Three

Chapter Fifteen; The Narcissists Path of Destruction - Part One

The Narcissists Path of Destruction - Part Two

My Thoughts & disclaimer

List of People

I go by the name of El Amethyst, I’m a Photographer and an Abuse Survivor, striving to be a Photographic Therapist. Not too long ago it was suggested that I should write a book, that idea was echoed by a few who are close and know my story, I was assured that people would want to read my story. I don’t know about that, I’m not an Author, my strength has never really been in the written word but in the visual expression of Photography, but at the very least it is personal therapy and a story I can leave for my future generations. Perhaps also a legacy for all Survivors out there without a voice, those not believed or heard! It could help the world understand the entrapment of abuse, especially psychological abuse. Over the years I’ve used writing as a coping mechanism, a tool to help me process my thoughts, help me remember, and solidify those memories when I was questioned, and my sanity was under scrutiny! So, a lot of my story is written in dribbles and drabbles, in my diaries in the most unfiltered and personal manner. After our most recent life-changing events I compiled a lot of my written diaries into one document, which documented the history of my family’s behaviors piecing together a giant jigsaw of truth. That was I suppose the starting point of these memoirs. But the daunting task ahead was to compose this into a story format instead of a multitude of facts and accounts, though it looks like it has become a combination of both. I will apologize in advance, for my amateur style and inability to artistically paint words together like the talents of some of my favourite Authors. I suppose there are three parts to my story, the foundations that occurred that led to my birth, my childhood, and how I became A child Abuse survivor, then finally my adult life a journey full of its own kind of perils and hurdles.


This Memoir is a personal account of the author's life events, thoughts, and feelings, which is honest to the best of her abilities, the author acknowledges the subjective and flawed nature of memories and that there are often many different perspectives of a given event. This memoir is the authors truth that shaped the events and person she is, it is not intended to be anyone else’s truth. All names have been changed to protect the privacy of those lives that the author encounters in her life and consequently writes about. The memoir has been written with the primary focus of raising awareness of the various types of abuse, to connect with other survivors in the hopes that it will empower them and as a therapeutic outlet. Secrets have a way of tormenting our minds making us ashamed and scared of judgment, all too often those secrets become or are used as chains to restrict our potential.

Chapter One;
Family Legacy

My roots begin with two strong smart loving women who both believed strongly in family, who both showed great Fortitude throughout their life struggles, never allowing the negativity of these struggles to taint their morals or their attitude towards life, my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandmother. Perhaps saying my roots begin with these two woman are not quite correct, as we have knowledge of our ancestors dating back many centuries, but I would like to think my Story starts with these two woman, it is important to know and remember the positive influences, roots, memories and past, not have them tainted by the negatives. These two women are lovely courageous woman, brave and caring, coping with adversity and doing the best they could with the situations at the time, a hugely different time to what we live in now. The effect they had on their loved ones, the bonds they created, the friendships they made and the imprints on other people’s lives are the evidence of their character and their legacy. So, I am beginning my story with these two women.
Anni Levington and her twin sister were born in April 1919, in Newcastle upon Tyne, her parents moved south in 1934, I never had the chance to meet her, but I’ve heard little snip bits of her life from those who did. She maintained her strong accent despite the move south at 15 years old. She married her husband Dalton in 1940 living on the outskirts of London in the borough of Middlesex. On the 6th of August 1944 tragedy hit the family, Anni’s older Brother died during the war fighting in France. The following year their oldest son Mortimer was born, followed 9 years later by the birth of their son Jerry.