Diversity is beautiful - #nomoreracism

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I do not understand why in this "evolved" era people can be so cruel and #prejudice

We are beautiful because we are different and unique


White privilege exists whether people have the guts to accept it or not! Denial does not make a truth untrue!

As a student sociologist we are studying how life chances and power are definitely not equally distributed. Society is heaving with inequalities rooted in the fear and prejudice with deep dark roots in our history.

We study history in the Hope's of learning from it, yet in an age where our freedom and human rights are suppose to be valued we are some how going backwards as a race!

I grew up in an age where minority communities were starting to make changes with lasting affects, ethnic minorities, feminists, LGBT etc

The group of high school friends I had was extremely diverse, I did not think twice about that diversity, to me it was normal, these were my friends, it never occurred to me to think of them as anything but the individuals they are... Their various upbringing and cultures to me were diverse, my curiosity about thier lives were no different to my curiosity about any person I have met. The more different a persons culture is to my own the more I want to learn about it, just as I engage in each persons perspective.

As a result I struggle to understand why any one could be prejudice about our differences!

We are all different!

Having a prejudice against someone because of thier skin colour is ridiculous this is 2020

That kind of hatred and judgement is diabolical

We are suppose to be an educated species, enlightened by historic mistakes!

White supremacy and white privilege comes from western cultures history of conquering and bending all natives of each land conquered to their own will. It is tyranny and dictatorship!

We were supposed to have learnt by now that these actions leads to tragedy and genocide of horrors like

ww2 or slavery and oppression!


History of western culture makes me cringe and sickens me to the core. Worst still as a society people still act like "western culture" is superior.

Bloody delusions of grandeur!

The world has become materialistic and power hungry.

We live in a world were people have forgotten the lessons of the past and are turning a blind eye to what is wrong out of fear or greed!

We live in a world where racists, prejudice, power hungry, misogynist RULE countries that are suppose to be a democracy of the people, sad thing is the people voted for them!


A world of enablers, desensitized to the truth of abusive people!

Racism is abuse!

This needs to stop

#wearehuman #humanity #coexist #unique #equality


These images are a collection #frommyarchive some of the #portraitphotography are friends, some are strangers encountered on my photography journey.

As an abuse survivor, mum and wife to abuse survivors, a struggling "lower class" citizen and a part of the lgbt community I empathize with inequality and find myself drawn to creating activist imagery to fight those inequalities and normalize diversity!

"Normalize diversity" I feel appalled with the world we live in that this is still necessary!

#photoactivist #activist

However when ever I can I will use Photography to Give a voice to the voiceless!

But I will never ever claim to know or truly understand thier adversity!

As someone on social media said...

“I understand that I will never understand, however, I stand with you” ✊🏼✊🏾❤️✊🏻✊🏿 #standtogether

My promise is not to be silent, to stand up and call out those "jokes" or comments, intentional racism, racist slur, posts, shares and memes that allow this SOCIAL INJUSTICE to be continually swept under the proverbial carpet.

To educate my children and aid them in growing up to have a more understanding of these social injustices and inequalities, to teach them about white privilege and to take it into consideration regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us feel!

Racism is a social issue